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Operator Headgap Systems Inc. has purchased and carries much of the same inventory that DataTech provided and are happy to be of service for any quality reconditioned or updated Power Mac system and Mac accessories. We can be reached at the above toll free number or you can visit our online store at: http://resale.headgap.com buy used Macs here. DataTech has ceased operations.

Why reconditioned? Read more about it!

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ORDER SECURELY ONLINE! OR give us a call on the toll free order line 877-639-1543 9-6 CST, M-F (405-601-5288 in Oklahoma or outside U.S.) 405-601-5288 tech support NEW FAX 405-445-0796. Remember our bottom line price includes shipping! We stand behind the products we sell with a 30 day warranty less shipping and handling (90 day warranty on systems). Prices subject to change with out notice. Questions? Try our HELP file first. Need hardware help? Read Bob's Mac Tech Tips. Why use reconditioned equipment? All large orders have to be signed for. Operator Headgap Systems, Inc.,7308 S. Klein OKC, OK 73139 Contact Us. This page only represents a sample of what we stock enter the online store for more selections

Operator Headgap Systems Inc. carries Apple Macintosh computers, supplies and Mac accessories here. Let us help you extend the life of your older Mac. This is the best place to buy refurbished used Macs. Used, tested, clean upgraded refurbished Apple PowerMac computers and hardware at value prices. Custom configured and upgraded Mac computers. Buy online! Upgrade your old Mac computer, Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerMac G4, PowerMac G5, PowerBook or iBook with parts and assistance from us! We have the stuff you need in stock and supply any needed drivers or instructions, or call our tech support line and let our staff walk you through installation or send your unit in and let us do it for you! Lower prices on quality MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook batteries! Get your replacement Mac power supplies here. See the power supply category in the online store. We have Power Mac G4 and PowerMac G5 parts in stock, call if you don't see what you need. Our refurbished Mac's feature upgraded components and are thoroughly cleaned, tested and nicely configured.

Upgrade your old used Mac computer, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook or iBook with parts and assistance from us! We have the stuff you need in stock and supply any needed drivers or instructions, or call our tech support line and let our staff walk you through installation.  We have PowerMac G4 Parts, and PowerMac G5 Parts in stock. Click Here to order G4 Power Supplies!
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PLEASE NOTE: Back in December 2012 we relocated from Memphis to Oklahoma City. Our toll free number is the same 1-877-639-1543. Our direct phone lines is 1-405-601-5288 use this line if you are in Canada. Tech Support is 1-405-601-5288. Our new fax line is1-405-445-0796. Please make a note of these changes. Our new address is Operator Headgap Systems, Inc., 7308 S. Klein, OKC, OKLA. 73139. Thank you.

MAC REPAIR & UPGRADES: Want to repair or update your old (out of warranty) Mac and don't know how? Send us your old system and let us install any of the items we sell. Add processor upgrades, optimize your existing processor, more ram, larger drives, or perhaps an internal burner. We also professionally install all Mac OS versions including OSX and update it to the latest versions from Apple. We also test, and thoroughly clean inside and out. Give us a call or email us with your particulars.

  • We repair out of warranty laptops at fair prices, laptop expert technicians on staff.
  • We also provide low level hard drive recovery at reasonable rates. Call for details.
  • Need your old data moved to a new drive or system? Let us do that for you.
  • Need your old floppies, Zips, Syquests, etc. moved to CD or DVD - give us a call.

ABOUT HEADGAP REFURBISHED COMPUTERS: What makes us different is we not only clean and thoroughly test each system, we many times replace the hard drives, optical drives, memory with upgraded replacements. Operator Headgap Systems purchases good used Mac systems in quantity. Our professional staff of refurbishers clean, perform over 50 diagnostic tests including DOD level drive formatting. All our systems come smartly configured and ready to use. Our refurbished used Mac Computers come with the required cables and cords (except keyboards unless noted, use your old one or available extra). We even include a free mouse pad. We offer a quality refurbished product at the lowest possible price and stand behind our systems with a 90 day warranty. Why use reconditioned equipment? Read more.

NICELY CONFIGURED?: When you select any of our systems you get not only the basic system software preinstalled. We update the OS software to the latest version. We also install many open source, freeware and shareware programs and configure them for use on your system. For example LibreOffice is an Open Source Clone of Office for the Mac. It allows you to open and save Word, PowerPoint, Excel file in their formats making it easy to exchange your work with other Office users. We also install Flip4Mac and Perian which extends Quicktime allowing you to playback many types of multimedia files like .divx and .wmv in a larger variety of formats. Firefox and TenFour Fox gives you an additional browser choice over Apple's Safari and much, much more. On older PPC equipped systems including G4 and G5 models we install an update Flash Plugin allowing better YouTube playback. Plus we always include the OSX Kitchen Sink that is chock full of other programs you may find useful and wish to add for use with your new system.

TRADE-INS OR SELL YOUR OLD MAC Remember we pay wholesale prices. Many times when you are ready to upgrade your old used Mac system may not be worth much, especially to a dealer who is used to buying in quantity at wholesale prices and has the units shipped in bulk truck freight. Boxing and shipping your old system costs a few dollars. Here lately we have been having more trouble locating older systems people are still buying. We will begin offering trade-ins or to buy outright certain older systems. The following are on the list: used PowerMac G4, QuickSilver G4, G3 Desktops, PowerMac 7300, Quadra or Centris 650, 800, 840, and Mac IICI's and SI's. The units need to be cosmetically in good condition and working (at least chiming). Trade in value will vary from the top wholesale price for extra clean, that exceed stock configurations and down for less that prime units. We are also purchasing good used Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II ADB Mice, working StyleWriters, and SCSI & USB Zip Drives. WE BUY USED SONNET G4 AGP PROCESSORS.

We are also purchasing good used Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II ADB Mice.

Email your list: cheryn or use the online form for quotes.

RECYCLING If you have Mac items and hate to throw them away but figure they have little or no value in todays market, rather than dumping them to a landfill, write us with a list. Email: cheryn or the online form. Any of the items we can use we will pay your shipping. You can rest assured that we will put your old Mac items back into circulation either using them to repair old equipment or including the items with systems. All hard drives are thoroughly DOD level formatted so have no fear about any data left on a hard drive. We properly recycle any items we end up having to discard. We do not accept CRT type monitors or LaserWriters (too heavy and little value).

UPGRADING THE OFFICE? We buy quantities of Mac systems & components. Email: cheryn or use the online form for quotes.

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