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Why Buy Reconditioned Equipment?

There are a number of reasons why purchasing reconditioned Macintosh equipment may make sense for you or your organization. The two most common reasons, though are the obvious ones Price & Functionality.

Many older computer systems can perform needed functions as well as the newer, more expensive models. If all you do is do a bit of word processing, cruise the web, answer emails, or balance the checkbook your desktop machine doesn't have to be the latest Intel Mac running quad processors. The same is true for Email Servers, Print Servers, Fax Servers or machines dedicated to printing mailing labels. The purchase of a reconditioned system will save you money while meeting your needs beautifully. We can also recondition and upgrade your old systems should you choose. Some of you have expensive NUBUS cards running your milling machines or other industrial uses. We can help. We can also help move your old data off your older systems so that you can use it on your new one, or even convert the format of your files so they will open in your new applications.

I had a few friends recently upgrade to newer Mac Laptops. Granted they are really fast and with Maverick they handle the available RAM more efficiently etc. What they failed to realize though is that they may have to replace most of their software. They don't have an optical drive in the unit to make this easy. They don't have the ability to replace the battery. They may not be able to upgrade the RAM or Hard Drive in some units.

They would have been money ahead buying a slightly older MacBook or MacBook Pro and having use max out the RAM and install a new hybrid 500 or 1 TB hard drive. They could also pick up a new battery to swap out with the used one giving them a backup. Many of our used units can run from 10.6.8 Snow Leopard up to the latest version of 10.9 Maverick. Being able to run slightly older software like Snow Leopard lets them keep their older software and yet down the road if they decide they can upgrade the software. Not to mention buying used is always much less.


The newer operating system coming on the new Macs does not have the ability to run Rosetta. This means you can't run older software like you did on Snow Leopard your Intel Mac. You will have to upgrade your Quickened and QuickBooks and many older programs will never be updated. Your Adobe CS versions, Microsoft Office etc. may have to be upgraded since the new OSes are 64Bit. Sometimes the hardware is the cheapest thing you change.


Not only can you not boot into 9, you cannot even use classic mode with the new Intel Macs. If you are using old software you will want to pass these systems up. If you are new to Mac or never use old software then they may be the system for you. Keep in mind while Apple says they are 2 times faster that is only true if you are using Applications that are optimized for theIntel processor. Most Pro Apps like any Adobe Product will be slower, unless you have an Intel optimized version. If you work for a living you may want to avoid buying one until the software catches up or locate one of the remaining real G5 processored systems. It is kind of cool that you can run Boot Camp and boot into Windows, if you have a need to gather PC viruses and spyware.


One major gotcha for many folks is that Leopard does NOT HAVE A CLASSIC MODE. If you must run an older program you can boot back into 9.2 on dual bootable machines and use your programs. If your computer is not 9 bootable then you had best keep Tiger around a while longer. I think some folks will probably keep a second drive with Tiger and classic installed if they must run a classic application and they have a system that only boots in X.

ONE REASON TO RUN OLDER REFURB GEAR: If you are using any older software upgrading to a new Mac may force you to completely replace all of your software. The new Macs are 64 Bit and cannot run 32 Bit software much less any program that was originally PowerPC. 10.6.8 Snow Leopard was the last OS version that let you use QuickBooks 5, Corel Draw and many others.

Are the programs you use even older? All INTEL based machines no longer boot into 9, and many programs do not work properly in classic mode. Many of our later custom upgraded systems are equally at home running in 9 and version of X. You can still use your old Pagemaker or Quark or earlier versions of Pro Tools, yet still have the ability to boot into X and use the later software. Lastly the new Mac systems these days run OSX 10.6.x. Some earlier versions of Adobe Products don't work properly and you can spend thousands upgrading your software.

ANOTHER REASON: Hardware incompatibility. If you've made equipment upgrades with your current system, you may find that these upgrades will be incompatible with a new machine. For example, if you have an older Mac with big bucks invested in a SCSI scanner, SCSI externals, they won't work in the new Macs that lack a SCSI port (you could add a card but that's another expense). Perhaps you have a nice large monitor. To adapt it to the output of the new Macs may make you reconsider. Perhaps your expensive Laser Printer will not longer be supported. Have your backups on floppy, or deal with folks who bring you files on floppy? Plan on spending another $60 or so for an external USB floppy and then buy a powered hub because you are out of USB ports and then what do you do when you get an 800K floppy? The USB models only read Hi Density disks.

Actually, some older Macs may perform functions that newer ones won't or it would be too expensive to equip the newer machines for the purpose. Our upgraded G4 Towers can run both versions of OSX yet still boot into the older OS9. Our G5 systems can run Tiger and classic mode.

Reconditioned equipment isn't always the answer. But, before you buy new, you owe it to yourself to compare.

QUESTION: I am musician who uses Pro Tools and other music software. Many of my plug ins run in OS9 only and I have quite an investment in software. I want a faster system but all Apple has only boots into X. Can you help.

ANSWER: We upgrade standard G5 Towers, G4 Sawtooth or optionally Digital Audio, Quicksilver model or Mirror Drive Door systems as well as iMacs, iBooks and MacBooks. On many units we install faster larger hard drives (for increased performance) and new optical drives (DVD/CD Burners) along with more RAM. Some of these units are designed for you and others who still need to boot into 9. With OSX software installed you can also boot into X if you want to try some of the newer software that only works in X. We have quite a list of musicians who use our systems. I guess being here in Memphis has probably helped us be aware of what musicians are needing.

I can't tell you how many folks including print shops, graphic designers, and more, who need to use software that only works in 9 or was originally PPC coded or some other earlier OSX version. We are here to help providing fast thoroughly reconditioned systems that perform at high levels.

QUESTION: I am a graphic designer/AD. Opening my own business asap. I'm confused about the new Macs and all the software compatibility problems and vendor issues. I need something really powerful that will not be out of date tomorrow. What's your advice? What do you have for me?

THE LONG LONG ANSWER: Depends on how much money you have to spend and what software you are planning on running. Perhaps you are running Adobe CS2 or CS3 and buying a new Mac would mean you would have to fork out monthly payments to Adobe and work in the cloud. A refurb Mac Pro Tower or iMac may be your best solution. If you like things portable a MacPro Laptop attached to a big display and keyboard and mouse for use in the office may be what you need. You can always take the laptop with you.

Any of these units can be set up with large capacity drives and partitioned to boot into multiple OS versions.

If you are still using older software or your clients are, for heavy duty use we recommend our custom upgraded G5's, G4'. The G5's can easily run 10.5.8 Leopard but also can run 10.4.11 along with 9.2.2 for classic mode. The G4's have to run 9.2.2 and up to Tiger OSX10.4 . I usually run 9.2.2 on them. What is nice about most of these Macs is that you can also install OSX on them. There may be some limitations so you should check before buying. That enables you to use new software on the same machine as well as keep your old investment.

If you need a modern web browser that allows you to view video's, use your bank software etc. you need a machine that will at least run OSX Tiger 10.4.11. Tiger also supports the Adobe Suite up through CS4 as well.

We sell Seagate 7200 rpm Hard Drives and prefer them. They now make a new Hybrid SATA drive that gives you near the speed of an SSD and the capacity of a conventional drive.

We now offer a Solid State Drive for G4 computers!

We like the latest from LG SuperDrive that burns both CD's and up to dual layer DVD's for $59.77. We have iTunes drivers included and use it with Toast that works with 9 and X.

For monitors we recommend you either buy our adapter ($19.99 shipped and works with almost anything if you have the older DB15 connector that came on all the Beige Macs) or if you get one of the upgrade cards they work straight up with PC monitors. Go down to the local discount office supply store and catch a Large Flat Screen for less than $200.

We add USB and Firewire via the PCI slot either with separate cards or save a slot with a combo card on early models, later models of course have this built in. If you plan to use more than the 2 root USB ports make sure you purchase a high quality POWERED USB Hub. We carry a good one. USB2.0 cards are available for the Mac but there are no drivers available prior to OSX. Firewire is faster and better anyway so avoid USB2.0 products unless you are going to be running OSX and even then choose Firewire whenever possible since it is faster.

If you have DSL or Cable Modem or are on a fast network we sell and recommend the Realtek 8139C chipset 10/100 Ethernet Card for older Beige equipment. We sell the card and include the Mac driver for less than $20. We also now have 1000baseT Gigabit Ethernet Cards for the Mac for 8 6-X and are fast and reasonably prices should you be on that fast of a network with an older machine. On later machines you have fast built in ethernet.

Most of these products are available in the premade models we make up, but we can build to order. For servers you may want RAID for dependability or UltraWide SCSI or even the Serial ATA for speed. We carry the components to build these and do so frequently for a lot of our customers. Your larger graphics and print houses like these components, but anyone needing high reliability may want to consider the extra money it costs to add these components. The SATA card we carry works in G3 Blue and Whites and up and allows you to install up to two 2 Terabyte Drives internally in the tower models. Perfect for mass storage of video and music.

The G4 , G5 and Mac Pro towers are now more affordable to upgrade. We are buying them and upgrading them with fast Seagate or Hitachi Hard Drives and new SuperDrives as well as new larger RAM chips. You do lose the serial and scsi ports and of course it doesn't have a floppy. These all can be added though if there is something that you can't live without that uses them.

Do call us and tell us what software you presently run and what your goals are. We can help you make a smart decision and save you some money at the same time.

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